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Tell a story with your next video production.

We humans learn through stories. Since the spread of television in the past 70 years, the moving image has established itself as the most popular medium for communicating experiences and events. I support you in the production of your stories through the conscious selection of characters, a captivating storyline and an atmospheric environment, paired with high-quality recording processes.

During my video productions, I work closely with my clients to develop storylines that are tailored to their corporate communications. From the script development to the recording and the editing, I am your contact person. In this way, we can guarantee a consistent visual language, especially for combined photo and video productions. Through the conscious use of stylistic means such as time-lapse videos, drone videos and slow-motion videos, your company film stands out from the mass of content published on a daily basis.

Take a look at a selection of my previous productions:

Messner Mountain Museum

A short film about the Messner Mountain Museum.

Immerse yourself in a touching video production about the transformation of an ultra trail runner and learn how architecture makes us aware of our environment. This short film was created as a personal work as part of my photo series “Modern Alpine Architecture”.

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Leipzig - the city that moves

Experience a moving time-lapse film about the city of Leipzig

Consisting of over 8,000 individual photographs in 6K HDR resolution, this time-lapse film takes you on a journey through the beautiful trade fair city of Leipzig. Over the course of a day, the special recording process brings seemingly static objects such as clouds, shadows and sunlight to life. These timelapse recordings are a wonderful stylistic device to depict the passage of time.

You can license the sequences in this film as stock material for your own videos. You can find more information about the making of the film on the associated project page.

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Adina Apartment Hotel Cologne

A hotel report series.

For the platform Apartment community I am creating an ongoing series of report videos on long-stay accommodation. Interviews with the general managers paired with tours of the respective hotel give an insight into special hotel concepts across the entire DACH region.

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Adina Hotels Munich

A tour of the hotel from the ground and from the air.

For the newly built Adina Hotel in Munich I made a video film that shows the hotel from the inside as well as from the outside. While the interior shots show the details of the aesthetically designed interior, the exterior shots serve to emphasize the architectural features of the new hotel building in the middle of the Munich factory district. The dynamic drone recordings keep the viewer tied up.

Wind farm near Leipzig

Come with me on a drone flight over the wind farm near Leipzig.

Gliding freely through the air like a bird and looking at the world from completely new perspectives – what was a bold dream a few years ago is now everyday production. With the short trailer “Windpark” I would like to give you an impression of the movements and perspectives that are possible with the use of drones in your next video production. Aerial photographs give the viewer an impression of where he is and help him to orientate himself during a film. This makes them a great addition to interviews about project presentations or company portraits.

Villa in the south of Leipzig

Here you can find a real estate video for a villa in the south of Leipzig.

An outstanding property requires outstanding marketing. This is how this real estate video was created for From Poll Immobilien in cooperation with a home stylist, a music producer and a professional speaker. The interior was prepared room by room by the stylist for the video recordings so that the furnishings reflect the charm of the property. After the video recording, the musician composed a soundtrack that musically underlines the visual impressions of each scene and thus subconsciously emotionalises them. With his professional voice training, the speaker ensures a very pleasant transfer of information during the video. In this quality, the video is a novelty on the German real estate market.


Single families

house in Leipzig

Modern single-family house in Leipzig

Here you can find a short real estate video for a modern single-family house in Leipzig.

Sometimes it has to be quick, both in terms of production and consumption. The short teaser video for Von Poll Immobilien Leipzig is optimized for the presentation of real estate on social media. In different image formats for YouTube and Instagram, there is a first impression of the property and a desire for more information. This makes the video the perfect springboard for further links to exposés or the company website. With dynamic movements and an invigorating soundtrack, it arouses the viewer’s interest.


installation by Phillipe Morvan

Arts installation by Phillipe Morvan

Immerse yourself in the light spectacle from Phillipe Morvan and Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

Phillippe Morvan collects over 1,000 historical flashlights for his light and sound installation as part of the Festival of Lights. The event commemorates the peaceful revolution and the accompanying fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago in Leipzig. The company is the client for the video production Schnick-Schnack-Systems who equips all flashlights with modern LEDs and developed the light control for the installation. The architecture short film is intended to give an impression of the modern work of art, which stands in stark contrast to the historical architecture of Leipzig Central Station. As cameraman, sound engineer (the video music is a recording directly from the main train station) and editor, I was responsible for the entire production of the film.


hardt Gerüstbau Service

Gemein hardt Gerüstbau Service

Here you can find an authentic customer interview for Gemeinhardt Gerüstbau Service.

Nothing gives such an authentic and impressive insight into how a company works like a video project presentation paired with a customer interview. Not only do your customers see the way you work, they also get an idea of what it feels like to work with you.

For the Gemeinhardt Gerüstbau Service company, we used a wide variety of production means to tell the story of the scaffolding of the Karl Alexander Bridge: From customer interviews with multi-camera setups, professional lighting and audio recording to time-lapse and drone videos and documentary support of employees, various recording formats give a visually and informatively appealing impression of the working method of Gemeinhardt Gerüstbau Service .

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Urban Volt

See the industrial report on the retrofitting project of the Urban Volt company here.

The Irish company UrbanVolt offers a multi-award winning service. It swaps conventional lighting for LEDs. It finances itself exclusively through the cost savings due to the reduced energy requirements of its customers. Sarah Berney, Marketing Executive at UrbanVolt, commissioned me to document two of their current conversion projects in Germany in a video production. The job was quite complex and therefore an exciting challenge. The aim was to record 12 videos with interviews, aerial photographs, 72h time lapse and before and after sequences. In addition, 40 before-and-after pictures should be taken. The aim of the production was to show the improvement in light quality with the switch to LED light. In addition, the interviews should show how good UrbanVolts service is and that there are no disruptions for work during the installation phase.

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