A shoot defies the elements.

In the hotel industry, pictures are everything. They are the guest’s first point of contact with their temporary residence and must immediately make their eyes shine. The Hyperion Munich is a completely new building that had been open for exactly one week at the time of the shoot. The house lives from a very high quality interior design and the great, unobstructed view of the city of Munich. These two aspects run through the entire photo production.

During the recording, we faced two challenges. Since the hotel belongs to the complex of the Bavaria Towers, which are still under construction, there were large-scale construction sites around the hotel. This had an impact on the design of the exterior shots and the public areas such as reception, lounge, restaurant and conference rooms, which were therefore photographed with the curtains closed. The second inflexibility was the storm Eberhardt, which caused rain and storms with up to 100 km / h throughout the three production days in March 2019. For the exterior shots of the building, we used a one-hour time window on the day of arrival, in which we took classic architectural photos, aerial drone shots and animated cinemagraphs. Roped on the roof, we were able to take pictures of the room views during the blue hour. We had already produced the outlook during the day when we recorded the rehearsal rooms the year before.

There are obstacles in every photo production. Fortunately, almost all of them can be handled with good preparation.

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What's behind it

A high-quality photo is created in many steps. After choosing the right time of day for the motif, an image section is determined that shows the most important features of the room. Everything that distracts from it is removed from the picture in the staging phase, textiles are straightened and furniture is arranged. From now on, nothing can be moved, because in the lighting phase powerful flash units put every corner of the room into set. In the image processing, the individually illuminated partial images are put together and if the weather was not optimal on the day of the shooting, a realistic view with optimal lighting conditions is used.
In the end, 1-2 hours of work are put into a photo to deliver an outstanding result.

To the photo shoot

Customer: www.h-hotels.com
Type: Hotel image catalog
Location: Bavaria Towers Munich
Location: Munich (Bavaria), Germany

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