Feng Shui in Bavaria.

I photographed the Munich residential building Studio Muc for the architecture office Atelier 8.

During the photo shooting for this object, my focus was on reproducing the color concepts developed by Atelier 8. The consistent design line between the interior and exterior should be particularly clear. Another important aspect was to establish the content-related connection to the Olympic Park, which was the source of inspiration for many design ideas of the residential building. So you can see the Munich Olympic Tower in several pictures. The drone images in particular helped to get a good overview of the various blocks of houses and their integration into the cityscape. On the aerial photos you can also see the landscaping on the property and the roofs of the house. Through targeted use of sunlight, I was able to highlight the intense colors of the facades at the right time of day.

The “Studio Muc” residential building is not only related to the Olympic Games because of its geographical proximity to the Munich Olympic Park. The colorful partition walls of the glazed winter gardens refer to the color range of the 1972 Olympic Games by Otl Aicher. The floor-to-ceiling swivel sashes of the winter gardens allow the residential units to be opened up. During the busy times of the day, however, residents can sit outside with the doors closed and are not disturbed by the street noise.

In the entrance area too, the circular ceiling lights are reminiscent of the world-famous five Olympic rings. The house was designed by Steidle Architects. The architects were supported by Barbara Jurk’s Atelier 8 office for the color scheme, the landscape planning and the interior design. Atelier 8 focuses on interior design based on the Feng Shui concept and has had a significant influence on the feeling of space in and around the property. Intense red, green, yellow and blue tones are repeated over and over again. With a large wall of plants and a water feature in the foyer, the planners brought nature into the house, creating a peaceful, joyful feeling as soon as you step into the house.

In the outside area of the building complex, Atelier 8 worked with a mix of plants and stones. Small boulders delimit the property on two sides. In the inner courtyard, a stone weighing 30 tons, centers the entire property and thus provides a strong oasis of calm.

To the photo shoot

Customer: Atelier 8 – Barbara Jurk

Type: Reference photo shoot

Location: Studio Muc

Location: Munich, Germany