In airy heights.

The Hyperion Basel is the first Hyperion hotel in Switzerland and therefore an important reference for H-Hotels AG. The hotel is located in the third tallest building in Switzerland, the Messeturm Basel. This makes the most important selling point for guests obvious: the view over the beautiful city. Since the entire facade is made of glass, a wide view of the mountains is guaranteed from almost all rooms.

During production, the weather was very unpredictable and the perfect lighting mood was not guaranteed for every room. In order to ensure a uniform atmosphere for the hotel’s image catalog, we stood on a clear morning, at 5:00 am, on the roof of the house and took panoramic shots from all directions at the blue hour and in the morning mood. An atmospheric view is one of the most important criteria in hotel photography and can thus be guaranteed for the entire production.

As with every photo production, there was a challenge with this hotel photo shoot. In the week before the photo shoot began, the city began a construction site on the entire street in front of the hotel. Since the hotel needed the pictures at very short notice, we had to find a solution. With drone shots and creative angles, we photographed the hotel in different moods, without the construction work distracting the viewer’s gaze.

Of course, the hotel was in full swing during the photo shoot. So we have repeatedly adapted our production plan to the current conditions at a short notice. The conference buffet was photographed shortly before the conference break and we recorded the most extraordinary bar in Basel in the early morning hours in order to not disturb the hotel guests in the evening.

Mutual consideration and flexibility during the shoot are one of the most important basic requirements, especially for hotel photos.

Hotelfotografie in München, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Halle (Saale), Chemnitz, Berlin, Leuchtende Hotelfotografie, Basel, Stadtansicht Hotelfotografie in München, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Halle (Saale), Chemnitz, Berlin, Leuchtende Hotelfotografie, Basel, Stadtansicht

What's behind it

The hotel’s executive lounge is located on the 31st floor of Basel’s second-tallest building. Setting the scene in the photos goes without saying. However, the lighting conditions at the time of the shoot were not optimal. The sky has a haze and the sun throws hard lights into the room.

We were able to replace the view with an earlier shot from the roof of the house and with a little patience we were able to tame the lights when the sun briefly disappeared behind a cloud. So that the photo doesn’t look too clean, we have staged a lunch menu with snacks from the lounge’s buffet. The saying “It is exactly what it is and that is why it is so beautiful.” runs through the entire hotel and could not be missing here either. In order to increase readability, it was placed again in digital form over the original slogan on the window.

To the photo shoot

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Location: Messeturm Basel
Location: Basel, Switzerland