Hotel photography

Hotels are more than just rooms.

The mission of a hotel is making the guest feel at home. That is what I convey with my pictures. For my customers, the focus is on always delivering the best service to their guests. My standard is hotel photography at the highest level. In doing so, I overcome daily hurdles such as unfinished construction work, regular hotel operations and short-term changes to dates. In my work, I use special lighting techniques and workflows in image processing to create outstanding hotel photographs from everyday hotel life. Get an overview of my work as a hotel photographer here.

Photo art

I create individual photo art series for your hotel furnishings. With unique images that are perfectly matched to your interior, you will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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Professional image editing

Would you like your hotel photos with or without people, authentic or wrinkle-free, flooded with sunlight or in the cool glow of the night? When it comes to image processing, we can, by arrangement, fulfill your wishes.

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Multimedia options

As a hotel photographer, my aim is to provide holistic support to my customers. As a certified drone pilot and experienced cameraman, I am your contact for multimedia content productions.

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Perfect illumination

With special lighting techniques, every room shines in my pictures. Get beautifully lit interior shots even in the smallest of rooms, bad weather or construction work.

Transparent cloud access

You are always up to date. Whether interactive mood boards or cloud-based video and picture galleries with selection and comment functions, you always have an overview and can communicate comfortably from your office.

Efficient recording technology

With the use of several camera sets and my multi-image recording technology, I can quickly create recordings that meet your requirements, even while the hotel is running.

Hotels are one of the core groups in Albrecht's work. That is why he has optimized his processes for this customer group in order to specifically address the needs of hotel chains in the luxury segment. Be it a fast image transfer, absolute discretion, focus on the emotions, qualities and the location of the objects, he understands the workflow of his customers and forms an integral part of optimizing them. Special houses need special advertising in order to secure the trust of their guests.

Video productions for hotels

Hotel projects

Photo series that make hotels shine.

Get a deeper insight behind the scenes of some of my hotel shootings in the DACH region. Often, impassable areas that arise during hotel photo shoots give the pictures their uniqueness.

Hyperion Hotel Munich

Architecture photographer Leipzig for interior, exterior advertising photography and film productions, mdbk

Hyperion Hotel Munich

The photo shoot with Storm Eberhardt.

During this photo shoot in Munich, we were accompanied by the storm Eberhardt. As a hotel photographer, rain and storm didn’t make it easy for me to take the hotel’s exterior shots. However, even such challenges can be solved with good adaptability.

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Hyperion Hotel Basel

Hotel, architecture photographer, Munich

Hyperion Hotel Basel

Hotel photography in a construction site.

At the hotel photo shoot in Basel, the challenge was to capture the entire glass structure without the construction sites around the building. To cope with this challenge, I needed creative drone shots and angles, which, however, gave these hotel photos a very special nuance.

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Time for the Essentials

H-Hotels, Hotel, Kampagne, Fotoshooting, Portraitshooting, Modelshooting, Portraitaufnahme, Fotokampagne Hotellerie, Menschen, Statisten, Werbefotografie

Advertising campaign - Time for the Essentials

An advertising campaign with people for people.

I was allowed to produce the photo campaign “Time for the essentials” for H-Hotels. The campaign was broadcasted across Germany on large posters, buses and displays in September 2018.

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Bellevue - Dresden from above

Bellevue - Dresden from above

A tour through the city of Dresden, from above.

One hundred and eleven large-format aerial photographs of Dresden for a photo art series in the Bellevue Hotel Dresden. What an exciting challenge! With the latest technology, you can experience the city of Dresden from a completely new perspective. From a distance, the photo art images look like an abstract carpet of color. Only on closer inspection does a familiar world open up with many details to search for and discover.

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