Aerial photography

See the world from above for once.

That is exactly what makes aerial photographs so special. They give us a new perspective on the world. In architectural photography, aerial photos provide context. They give us a feel for how a building interacts with its surroundings. From the air I get a third dimension in my drone recordings, in which I can freely choose my composition. With the help of a drone, many extraordinary angles of a property can be captured very quickly.

Photo art

I create individual photo art series for your interior design. I transform your building projects into abstract works of art through dynamically staged compositions. With unique aerial photos that are perfectly tailored to your interior, you will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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Professional image editing

Even with aerial photos, half of the image quality is in professional image processing. So that your drone recordings retain their brilliance even on large-format prints, I draw on my many years of experience in processing such files.

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Multimedia options

As a drone pilot, my aim is holistic support for my customers. That is why the main part of my orders consists of combined aerial photographs and drone videos, so that you can also impress with great aerial photographs in your next corporate film.

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Drone pilot

My training as a drone pilot.

Experience and training are two essential aspects of operating a drone. In order to ensure the safety of my customers and those involved in air traffic, it was very important to me to complete a training course as a drone pilot. For this reason I completed the remote pilot’s certificate from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. In addition to the EU proof of competence A1 / A3, my training also includes the large EU drone driving license A2. With this training, I am allowed to operate drones with a take-off mass of up to 4kg throughout the EU and also fly with them near people and over urban areas.

Since 2017 I have completed hundreds of flights as a drone pilot. Whether wind lanes, spontaneous weather changes, strong radio interference or curious birds, there are many environmental influences to which one has to react, depending on the situation. That is why I am happy to support you as an experienced partner in the implementation of your next flight project with unique aerial photos and drone videos.

Aero lights

Painting with light

I have been experimenting with creative lighting methods in my architectural photographs since 2010. Illuminating buildings with a drone is the next level. Only very remote objects can be photographed with this technique in complete darkness. The drone acts as a kind of brush. Equipped with special lights, I control the drone over the building and use long-term exposures to capture targeted lighting accents. This creates wonderful atmospheric images in a mixture of painting and photography.

Aerial view photography



Aerial video production

Almost like flying yourself.

Modern drone technology enables me to integrate incredible motion sequences into my video productions. Whether an orbit around a building, an ascent from the street to the roof of a skyscraper or a very gentle movement between the majestic buildings of our time, aerial photographs are fascinating and bring every film production to a new level.

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Aerial photo projects

A flight over architectural buildings.

Get a deeper look behind the scenes of two of my aerial photography projects in Dresden and Munich. Aerial photos arouse the interest of many observers, as it gives them a completely new perspective on the objects.

Bellevue - Dresden from above

Bellevue - Dresden from above

A tour through the city of Dresden, from above.

In this photo art series, for that Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel Dresden, I have documented the Elbe city in over 4,000 pictures. This resulted in a photo series of one hundred and eleven large-format art prints, which now adorn the corridors of the hotel. The aim of the project was to take hotel guests on a flight through Dresden without having to set a foot in front of the door.

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Studio Muc

Hotel, architecture photographer, Munich

Studio Muc

A colorful project.

This project was by no means monotonous. Due to the work of the designers of Atelier 8, the Munich residential building Studio Muc only shines in front of itself with its bright colors. With the help of my drone, I was able to capture this play of colors from above and in its full shine.

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